Celebrated as one of Atlantic Canada’s top national/international touring acts from Moncton, New Brunswick, Glamour Puss saw a personnel change followed by release of their 5th recording.
Photo: Gilles Landry    There has never been a Canadian band quite like Glamour Puss. Who can they be compared to? Making music is a fickle vocation and it seems that many bands are defined by a song or two, perhaps even a couple of albums. In Glamour Puss there lies however a more treasured creation. Here is an Atlantic Canadian act that has aggressively pursued its raison d'ętre, courting risk at every turn and assuring their future in the process. Always re-inventing, repositioning, re-contextualizing and not once bowing to a challenge, theyPhoto: Gilles Landry have never sounded like anything but themselves.
     In the last decade Glamour Puss has developed a reputation as one of Atlantic Canada’s lead touring bands. Their energetic music uniquely incorporates vibrant elements of Swing, Blues, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues and a unique Acadian flavour of their East Coast roots. Glamour Puss has a truly identifiable sound they can rightly call their own. With such a broad approach to Photo: Gilles Landrytheir original music audiences continue to be all ages, families, couples, groups of best friends out to dance and have a great time. Glamour Puss has toured without end throughout Canada, the United States and overseas, taking their infectious Atlantic Canadian music worldwide developing fans and friends always leaving their audience smiling.
    Since January 2005 Glamour Puss has been in pre-Photo: Gilles Landryproduction creating new music and updating arrangements fully exploring the addition of Larry Maillet to the group. Larry brings to the group a powerful voice featuring harmonica and guitar, unquestionably one of the best singers on the East Coast. Ron, Travis, Paul and Roger the four original members of Glamour Puss are pumped with a bigger sound than ever, a sound that is more guitar driven and lashed with blues harp. The band hasn’t changed its sound they have simply become more amazing.
    Glamour Puss has won three East Coast Music APhoto: Gilles Landrywards, created and performed the music for the New Brunswick Tourism Department for 2003 & 2004 and is regarded as the most bilingual performing act in Atlantic Canada.
    Nominated for a 2006 East Coast Music Award for Blues Recording of the Year, Bluesman's Prayer is the latest Glamour Puss release. Recording in a small church in rural New Brunswick provided the band an emotional venue that captured their sincere stories while providing world-class sound quality. Bluesman’s Prayer combines great songwriting with incredible guitar playing from Travis, soulful keyboard and vocals from Roger, excellent new songs by Larry, and a kick-ass rhythm section with Paul and Ron.

glamour puss –noun Older Slang.
a person with an unusually attractive face.
[Origin: 1950–55]


  • 2006 Bluesman's Prayer nominated at the 6th Independent Music Awards, U.S.A
  • 2006 ECMA Nomination for Blues Recording of the Year Bluesman's Prayer
  • 10th Annual Real Blues Awards Announced:
    2004 Best Blues Release (Canadian Based Artists) Wire & Wood
    2004 Best Blues Release (Canadian Artist) Wire & Wood
    2004 Best Blues release (Band) Wire & Wood
    2004 Top Blues Manager Bruce Morel
  • 2004 2 ECMA Nominations Best Blues Recording, Group of the Year
  • 2003 Maple Blues Nominations for Wire & Wood:
    Electric Act of the Year, Bass Player of the Year, Recording of the Year Wire & Wood, Producer of the Year Michael Jerome Browne
  • 2003 Harvest Jazz & Blues Dutch Mason Award recipients
  • 2002 Toronto Blues Society Maple Blues Awards nominations for Entertainer of the Year / Electric Act of the Year
  • 2002 ECMA Blues Artist and Group of the Year Winners for 3rd CD Electric & Alive
  • 2000 6th Annual Real Blues Awards:
    Best Blues Band, Best Blues Songwriter, Best Blues Song - But they Should, Best Slide Guitarist - Travis Furlong, Blues du Jour #2 on top 10 of the Year
  • 2000 Toronto Blues Society Maple Blues Awards nominations for Recording of the Year and Electric Act of the Year
  • 2000 ECMA Blues Artist / Group of the Year Winners for 2nd CD Blues du Jour
  • 1998 ECMA Blues / Gospel Artist Winners for 1st CD Glamour Puss Blues Band
  • 1997 ECMA Winner Media Award Winners

Photo: Gilles Landry